Very Strange DNS Issue

I have a unique setup at my home with fios, I have the fios router connected to a netgear 600 with dd-wrt installed. The speed is perfectly fine but for whatever reason DNS is unbearably slow. I’ve configured the Google DNS servers to try and speed things up but those appear to be slow. Sometimes it can’t even resolve to Right now I’m on a VPN to Denver and pages are resolving and loading wicked fast! I’m going to have to investigate this more but its a weird issue nonetheless.


My Chunkhost server got all messy

For some reason I had an issue with my Chunkhost server that hosts, my empty forum. So I had to restart the system a couple of times to get it working again. I took the opportunity since its mostly a graveyard over there to upgrade the vBulletin on there to the latest patch and get ssl setup correctly. I still would like to find a nice theme to put on there which I think I will soon to hopefully attract some folks.

Daily Workout, Day 1 Complete

I’m back to trying to do P90X3 on a daily basis and today just finished Total Synergistics during lunch and it was tough. But since I had done two months of X3 before I stopped, I know what I’m capable of and want to get back there. Up tomorrow: Agility X.

Today’s weight: 218 lbs thanks to whiskey last night.