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Alt+Drag for Windows

I found a program named AltDrag recently that I find really useful. Its a small program that lets you hold the ALT key and left click and drag windows around. Now you don’t have to find the top part of the window to drag and makes it easy to rearrange windows quickly. Check it out here:

Nexus 6P Screen Replacement done!

I just got my phone back from Huawei with a brand new screen. I called Jul 20th to support to get the ball rolling, sent it out shortly thereafter to Texas, and I just got it back today. So about 3 weeks to get a phone screen replaced and a cost of $163.46 for the repair and $18 for shipping UPS to them (181.46 total). Much cheaper than the going through Asurion  who wanted to give me a different device and the deductible was about the same. Overall, I’m happy with Huawei and their support, it was easy to call and talk immediately with people who handled my claim quickly and professionally. For comparison Asurion put me on hold for 30 or so minutes and I just gave up.

Adobe Account Snafu

I’ve been a Creative Cloud member for over a year without any problems whatsoever. I am in the process of retiring an old e-mail address and went to setup the new one on In the process my account has disappeared! I specified a new account id and an alternate, now none of them work except the alternate, but my membership details have been deleted. Support didn’t resolve the issue, I’m not sure if they could have since I doubt they have much access to anything. So, as a result I just cancelled the subscription in Paypal to Adobe and will begin a trial in my alternate account until I need to pay again. I’m glad I didn’t store anything in their cloud servers as it would be gone by now. Who knows what really happened, its probably in a log file somewhere.

Brand new server

So it was costing me the price of a dedicated server to host in the Google Cloud so I switched back to for this blog. I’ve spun up a new server to teach myself containers and have docker running 3 at the moment. This new blog should be alive soon after DNS settings propagate.

This is running in a container

Kuberenetes on Google Cloud specifically. Just thought I’d see how it looks and works. Now I’ve moved my production blog over from my self-hosted linode. Running WordPress in a container with a separate MySQL container is working well!

Some features I really like over my roll-it-yourself approach:

  1. Upgrades are now seamless, no more update notifications, the docker container is setup to allow auto-updating.
  2. Plugins don’t need to be installed manually, they just install.
  3. Same with themes!
  4. Themes are easily customizable, no more mucking with permissions.
  5. It seems faster, but that may be because its running on a separate server from MySQL.

Openstack Server

I’ve been playing with Openstack a bit at work and at home. I purchased an Lenovo TD340 a while ago and have been playing a bit with Devstack. Right now I have neutron networking and glusterfs installed on it. It took a bit of work to get it working so I thought I’d share my local.conf file showing how to add a plugin to devstack and how to configure networking, since the documentation for me was not complete. I’m on a network at home, the openstack devstack server is, and my router is

enable_plugin devstack-plugin-glusterfs

#Enable heat services
enable_service h-eng h-api h-api-cfn h-api-cw

# Minimal Contents
# ----------------

# Logging
# -------

# Swift
# -----

# Neutron options
# ---------------

# Do not use Nova-Network
disable_service n-net

# Enable Neutron


# Glusterfs
# ---------

Very Strange DNS Issue

I have a unique setup at my home with fios, I have the fios router connected to a netgear 600 with dd-wrt installed. The speed is perfectly fine but for whatever reason DNS is unbearably slow. I’ve configured the Google DNS servers to try and speed things up but those appear to be slow. Sometimes it can’t even resolve to Right now I’m on a VPN to Denver and pages are resolving and loading wicked fast! I’m going to have to investigate this more but its a weird issue nonetheless.

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My Chunkhost server got all messy

For some reason I had an issue with my Chunkhost server that hosts, my empty forum. So I had to restart the system a couple of times to get it working again. I took the opportunity since its mostly a graveyard over there to upgrade the vBulletin on there to the latest patch and get ssl setup correctly. I still would like to find a nice theme to put on there which I think I will soon to hopefully attract some folks.

Just a speed test & some thoughts on internet access in the USA

Netflix internet streaming is finally good. I watched a movie two nights ago and it streamed to Super HD within in a couple of seconds. It stayed nice and swell for the entire thing too. Today I decided to see how much an internet upgrade would cost me. After trying to do it myself online with Verizon I hit an error where it wouldn’t let me do an internet-only plan without a bundle. So a couple of minutes in a chat later I get some idea of pricing for me as a current customer. I currently play $69.99/mo for 50/50 internet access. Today I upgraded to 75/75 internet:

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Verizon FiOS and Netflix are playing nice together!

I upgraded my HTPC from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 to try and get access to the Netflix app that is part of Windows 8 to get some 1080p streaming and 5.1 surround sound. I also decided to try out Storage Spaces for some parity/redundancy of my media collection but that’s for a different post. The good news for this post is that Netflix and Windows 8 are now playing nicely together, within 30 seconds HD streams are coming through to my home without a VPN required. Works across my PS3, Windows 8 App, and Firefox on a Windows 7 box. Hopefully they’ll continue to play nice together.

It looks like the deal Netflix made with Verizon has been implemented, but hopefully the FCC will enforce some rules so that peering agreements for last-mile ISPs don’t get bogged down so ISPs like Verizon can extract money from web companies to deliver content (i.e. internet fast lanes).

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